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Welcome to Valley Guns

If you are a hunter, target shooter or
collector, Valley Guns is the place for you!

Valley Guns can maintain, restore & repair all classes of firearms. We also specialize in Agency & Government contract work & are an official supplier for DND, Police forces & armed security contractors. Valley Gunsmithing is a proud Veteran owned & operated business.

Valley Gunsmithing has three Gunsmiths in our fully outfitted machine shop. From cleanings, scope mounting, replacing worn parts to re-barreling, refinishing & custom builds, our Gunsmiths can handle the job.

Our retail shop carries most brands of firearms, accessories, ammo, knives and Army Surplus. If we don’t have it, we can get it! Valley Guns ships all over the country, and we’re one of the few shops that specializes in mail-in repair jobs.

Valley Gunsmithing INC, also known as Valley Guns, was formed by Jeff Smith in 1992 in Edmonton, AB. Jeff moved the business to Petawawa ON in 1996 and in 2002 the gun auction site “Valley Guns” was established. Over 10,000 guns were sold on the site by Valley Gunsmithing & other users until we closed the site in 2016. Unfortunately the auction site was not able to showcase the Gunsmith & Custom side of the shop, so a new storefront site has been built to do this.

Valley Guns manufactures the most accurate reproduction of the famous V-42 Stiletto for Canadian & U.S Special Forces. The blades are handmade & are marked and serialized to each SF unit. The V-42 is only available to current serving or retired members of the SF community.

Fully outfitted machine shop!


Cleanings, scope mounting, replacing worn parts, re-barreling, refinishing & custom builds… we can handle the job.

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